Maxim contact center

The Maxim contact center is located in the capital of the country, receiving and processing the calls from all over Iran.

About us

We hope to develop our contact center in such a manner that it will take and process several millions of orders every day. This way, we hope to help both Maxim and other car ordering services which need our potential and working experience for their development. We hope to receive maximum feedback from this project and we will continue to open branches in other provinces of Iran. Over the past few years, the Maxim company was able to expand its activity very rapidly, proving that we have chosen the right way.

Our Values

Utilizing modern technologies, Maxim has helped many cities solve their transportation problems. The Maxim contact center is equipped with specialized software and apps for receiving and processing orders. As quickly as possible, we send the customer's order to the nearest driver. We also provide full control over the trip. Speed, high quality, accurate and profitable trip cost calculations — these are the results of automating the process of receiving and processing orders.

Our Team

We believe in cooperation and growth. Our efforts are aimed at supporting our employees, providing them with a dynamic and comfortable environment to help them grow and achieve our common goals. We believe that cooperating will help us realize our shared potential. Our operators are the heart of the contact center. They are at the very beginning of their professional journey. Our training specialists teach new operators to provide quality services while working side by side with them in the contact center.