Maxim contact center operator

Easy work, high income, and high value

Convenient schedule

Those who appreciate the opportunity to manage their own time can work at home. At home, operators can work at their own pace without relying on a set schedule. They don't have to waste time commuting to the office and can choose for themselves when to take orders.

Flexible work schedule

Payment for each received call

Free training

Simple work procedures

Modern workspace

The Maxim contact center provides comfortable work conditions for its specialists. Each operator has his or her own workplace, computer, phone, and headset. Dine and relax in our bright and cozy dining room.

Work schedule: alternating day/night

Payment for each received call

Opportunity for training, including free training



Receive calls
Register and process orders
Assist passengers
Coordinate drivers

No experience? Have no worries, your training is our responsibility

Before starting work, all of our operators are trained on how to use the software, learn what to do in various situations, and learn contact center standards.


Perfect speech

Strong communication skills

Customer focus


The office is located in the center of Tehran, with Darvazeh Dowlat and Haft-e Tir metro stations nearby. This makes your commuting more comfortable.

Our obligations to contact center employees

  • Employment in accordance with the Labour Code

    A signed employment contract.
  • Steady income

    Including pay raises after completing courses to improve your qualifications.
  • Stability

    Timely payment for your work.

— I'm a student, studying management. It was important to me to find a side job aligned with my university studies. This means, first, a job that doesn't take all my time and lets me work in shifts and, second, a job that doesn't entirely consume my thoughts. My work at the call center satisfies these requirements perfectly. Many others here are students like me, in the same position as me. They've created a cheerful atmosphere here.

— I've been working constantly for 14 years, trying various occupations. Honestly, I'm tired of this constant work and want to spend more time with my family. Call center work doesn't require any particular experience, so my wife and I thought both of us should work here. Now I spend more time than ever with my wife.

— I recently graduated from university. I'm looking for new experiences and adventures. Working at large companies gives me a chance to communicate with all kinds of people! Working in shifts also gives me time to travel, do photography, and make my dreams come true.